This website is the host site of an ELCA conversation on faith formation among existing ELCA networks.


Leaders within the ELCA has been asking questions around faith formation for some time. Formally and informally, leaders brainstorm, vision, problem-solve and share best practices. The ELCA is blessed to be a place which values such conversations.

In recent years, as the landscape shifts, as resources are tight and as new questions emerge, there has grown a desire among many of these leaders to be more intentional about connecting our conversation, sharing resources and wondering together about a share vision for the future.

In that spirit, a gathering of leaders of ELCA networks , all working on faith formation in the first third of life, took place in September of 2011.

September 2011 Summit

2011 Summit Participants

Highlights Notes from past Summit

Work in 2013

After the 2012 Summit various networks engaged in a conversation about What is Faith Formation in a Missional Age? One starting point for the conversation was a white paper written by Terri Elton. What is Faith Formation in a Missional Age

2014 Summit

Goals and Objectives – Faith Formation Summit Goal-Objectives-outcomes

Transportation information – For information on how to go from the airport to your hotel, go to the Youth Extravaganza website,www.elcaymnet.org/E2014 and you will find a link to the St. Louis Metrolink.

Schedule – F F Summit 2014 schedule participants

2014 Summit Participants – Participants in the 2014 Faith Formation Summit

The current team facilitating includes:

     Mark Burkhardt – Director Congregational Centers for Mission Team – ELCA

     Brenda Smith – Program Director for Faith Practices and Missional Leadership – ELCA

     Diane Shallue – Lutheran Association of Christian Educators (LACE)

     Linda Staats – Faith Practices Coaching – ELCA

     Terri Elton – Luther Seminary

Ongoing Conversation

Interested in following the conversation ? Join the Faith Formation in a Missional Age Facebook group!


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